Cutting the real cost of an MOT

Is it a fair test? How many times have you taken your car for an MOT test and received a call from the garage along the lines of “… it won’t fail, but we recommend replacing…..” Before you know it you’ve spent £250 on new tyres and a wing mirror. While you knew the tires only had another thousand miles in them, and it will be good not to have to look into a cracked mirror, you can’t help feeling a little bit conned.

Tip. If you want a truly objective MOT test, with out the dreaded phone call, consider taking your vehicle to a local council testing centre.

A sideline. Because local councils run so many vehicles, from cars to cherry-pickers, they have their own MOT test centres. These are open to the public but they can’t do repairs etc. so there’s no financial incentive for them to point out faults that won’t affect the test. One drawback is that there are no cut price MOTs. You’ll have to pay the standard fee. So, it’s pay your money and take your choice.

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