Tax credit deadline - renew online

HM Revenue and Customs is urging anyone who needs to renew their tax credits claim for 2016/17 to use its digital services instead of the post of phone. Is it something you should consider?

Tax credits deadline. If you want to renew your tax credits claim for 2016/17 you must do it by 31st July 2016 or you might permanently lose the right to some credits. HM Revenue and Customs is currently sending out tax credit renewal packs to everyone who made a claim in 2015/16. If you don’t receive one by 27th June 2016 call the tax credits helpline (0345 300 3900) for a duplicate. You cannot renew your tax credits unless HM Revenue and Customs has issued a renewals pack.

Online option. HM Revenue and Customs is piling on the pressure for taxpayers to handle their tax online and that includes renewing tax credits. The natural reaction is to resist anything HM Revenue and Customs recommends, but in this case we are happy to go along with it. Renewing your tax credits online is quick, even if you need to report changes to your circumstances. You’ll avoid long waits on the phone, or the uncertainty of whether HM Revenue & Customs has received your renewal in the post. Tip. If you intend to renew by phone do it as soon as possible. The nearer to 31st July you leave it the longer you’ll have to wait for HMRC to answer your call. At the busiest times it might simply cut you off.

Your account. This year online renewal can be done via the new GOV.UK “Your account” service. HMRC claims that this makes the process even easier, although you need to register for the service first. Again, we can’t disagree with HMRC. From what we’ve seen of “Your account”, once you get past the slightly irritating registration process the service and information available are good. For example, apart from tax credit renewals, at the click of a button you can see your state pension forecast and check how your tax bill is calculated. It’s worth a try and if you don’t like it you don’t have to use it.

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